I have 3.7v, 5v and Variable Voltage (510) box mod kits ready to ship.  
Charge up the batteries and vape away

Now offering 3.7 and 5v box mods in white!  LED's are installed inside the box for a glowing effect and look awesome.
3.7v box mod:   $19
3.7v complete kit:
5v box mod  
5v complete kit  
Variable voltage box mod  $38
Variable voltage complete kit  $56
Complete kits include charger, batteries, cartomizer, and 3ml juice sample.
Extra set of (2) 14500 protected batteries only
Name/decorations on box   $10 (see photos in products)

I will ship within 24 hours.
I am building and selling 3.7, 5 volt, and Variable voltage box mods  A box mod is a hand-built version of an e-cigarette or PV (personal vaporizer).  Try vaporizing instead of smoking cigarettes.  Enjoy all the pleasures of smoking without the smell.  Plus, the flavors available are awesome!  The E-cig liquid I includecontains pharmaceutical grade nicotine, food quality flavorings, and a combination of vegetable glycerine, and Propylene Glycol, and is not intendend for anyone under the age of 18. 
Visit: www.kickbassvapor.com for some amazing e-liquid. for more details visit their site or click on my links section.
Check out some Foxy Box Mod testimonials in the world's largest e-cigarette forum:  E-cigarette-forum

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